Showdogs-L Swap Meet

Feel free to list "doggie" items you wish to trade for some other "doggie" items. There are just a few rules about using this page.

1. Any arrangement you make during your barter with another person is purely between the two of you. While the basic idea is to barter things, it is also permitted to make a transaction for money. All items for sale/trade must neither eat nor poop.

2. When you send in an item to be included on the list, you must include your email address. This way anyone wishing to barter with you has a way to get in touch with you.

3. Only members of Showdogs-L may list items here although anyone may contact the seller to trade or purchase the item.

4. Items for inclusion in the barter list should be emailed to us at the email address below privately, and we will add them into the page.

5. You will notify us when an item has been traded so that we can remove it from the list. In any event, we will remove the item after 3 months. You may resubmit it if you wish it to still be listed.

6. Send information to be listed on this page to:

Vonnie Matheny