How to Subscribe to Showdogs-L

Subscribing to the list is a two-part deal. First you send:
     SUBSCRIBE SHOWDOGS-L Firstname Lastname 
(substituting your real first name and last name) to: 

You must use your real first and last names. Anonymous subscriptions or signing up under a kennel name are not allowed. Disable your sig file if you have one, as that will confuse Listserv, and you know how cranky computers get when they don't understand something.

An alternative method, assuming you have a web browser, is to go to our web interface and sign on there. I understand it is a lot easier. Click on the link below:

Listserv will send you back a Confirmation Message. When you get it, you must answer it according to the instructions. (Reply, leaving the subject line in place, delete all text, and type "ok" without the quotes as the sole word in the body of the message.) Again, do not use your sig file.

After Listserv receives your confirmation answer, it will sign you up. It will send you a Welcome Message and instructions. PLEASE save this as you will need it later.

When you sign on, you are automatically set to Digests. How to change to other options are discussed in the Welcome message.

If you have any problems, feel free to contact me directly.

Enjoy the list!

Showdogs-L Admin