Shampoo Survey

Janet Maas collected the information on our Shampoo Survey. Remember that these are simply reports that people have found with their dogs. This is NOT a scientific survey! Here is what she reports:

The general consensus was that shampoos are not only breed specific but sometimes dog specific. What works for one breed or even one particular dog may not work for another. Some commented that even the environment could could affect the shampoo. Many list members use human shampoos on their dogs. The ability for the shampoo to dilute down and rinse clean were also an asset. Here are the shampoos in order according to number of votes received, number of votes in parenthesis.

Orvis (5)(was mentioned especially good for whites)
Black on Black (4) (one person had an allergic reaction to the soap)
Biogroom (3)
Duurstede (3)
Kelco (3)
Cindra (2)
Fresh Clean (2)
Oster 12 to 1 (2) (one commented it burnt the coat)
Vellus (2)
Absolutely Natural (1)
Biovite #3 (1)
Coat Handler (1)
Crown Royal  (1)
Fair Advantage (1)
Foster Smith (1)
Ivory (1)
Murphy's oil soap (1)
Pantene Pro V (1)
Plush Puppy (1)
Sergents High White (1)
Suave (1)
No. 1 All Systems (-1)