Special Diets
for Growing Hair
and for Picky Eaters

Growing Hair on a Doorknob
Long attributed to Judith Suhr, she just told us:
"This recipe is in The Quincy Kennel Club's cookbook and was submitted by Virginia Knocke!"

This recipe is asked for so often on SDL that I decided to just put it here. It will save a lot of time searching the Archives.

1 lb. Peanut Butter
1 lb. honey
1 lb. diaglo (powder) or Mirra coat
1 pt. Lavitamin also known as Lixotinic (Can be found at http://www.kvvet.com/)

Have peanut butter at room temperature. Mix all ingredients together This will be very thick and sticky. Stores indefinitely in refrigerator. Make into balls according to size of the dog.

Small dogs should get 1-3 teaspoons daily,
Large dogs should get 1-2 tablespoons daily.

Guaranteed to grow hair-- even on doorknobs. If you can get the doorknobs to eat and digest this--it will grow hair!


dividing ribbon

Do you have a picky eater? Try this:

Jack's Fat Burgers
courtesy of Pat Tiedy

10 Pounds cheap (fatty) hamburger
10 Ounces rolled oats
6 egg yolks
10 Ounces wheat germ
10 Ounces Brer Rabbit Dark Molasses

Mix thoroughly and form into meatballs. Freezes well.

I use 2 balls per meal for Sibes