Cures for Hot Spots

Tried and recommended by various members of SDL

The best, quickest and most accessible thing for hotspots is the regular kind of Listerine. Works well, easy to get has ;) multiple uses!

I use Gold Bond Powder. Put a bit in my hand then place it over the hot spot. It works great and right away.

Listerine - You want to remove as much of the hair around the area as possible; this assists greatly in reducing the hotspot. You can also use topical sprays & creams such as Lotrimon....spray to treat Athletes' Foot & Jock Itch are excellant products.

I have used bacon grease on hot spots for ages. (This was a recipe from an old timer). You smear it on like a paste, and cover it thick. The first day, it doesn't appear to change. By day 3, it is gone. And hair is coming back right away. I also use it for scrapes that need hair. It is the best thing I have used. The dogs lick it (I usually won't let them for minutes), and it doesn't change the color of your pooch. It is one of the best old timer's remedies I have ever used. And for some reason, after using it a few times, my dogs never ever get a hot spot again.