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I know some of you know the symbolism of the red and black ribbon but for those of you that do not here is the meaning. The following is from a post I received with permission to repost.

Red Ribbon Campaign & Red Ribbon Webring
against breed specific legislation in Germany and in other countries

Demonstrate your support, determination and solidarity with responsible dogowners in Germany and in other countries against endorsing breed specific legislation and attach a red and black ribbon to your dog's collar, to your front door or fly a red and black ribbon from your car antenna. Let everyone know that you do not support breed specific legislation discriminating and banning certain breeds in Germany as well as in other countries before it hits home and your dog is the next on the list in your country.

The color red symbolizes our, the responsible dogowners, protest against breed specific legistation, the media hype as well as the verbal and physical attacks against innocent dogowners and their dogs and the color black symbolizes mourning for the tragic victims of bite attacks.