Greetings, Showdog Listers!

First we brought you an Email list... 

Then we brought you a Web Page (or two)... 

And now we bring you the IRC!

We are excited to introduce the debut of the IRC chat room #Showdogs! Come meet your fellow showdoggers LIVE and (almost) in person! Chat in real time! Grab your favorite eats and drinks, (and a few paper towels for the invariable laughter/snorting/spitting onto the monitor), and join us for some fun!

IRC lesson 101:

How to start with the Showdogs chat channel! The IRC the Internet Relay Chat is a real time, multiuser chat network. Numerous people can participate in the real time discussions, and the number of subjects covered on the IRC is endless. It is similar to our email list in that many people can 'discuss' a topic; but the difference is that after you type and send your thoughts the others in the channel see what you have 'said' immediately! It is real time happening as you type!

To join us on the Showdogs Chat channel:

You need to have an IRC client (software/program), but it's easy and relatively quick to download (for free: shareware!). For the PC user I recommend the "mIRC" client their URL is

If you are a Mac user, the "IRCLE"comes recommended, their site is at:

The newer versions of mIRC and pIRCh support colors, pop ups, txt, and wav files which make 'conversation' fun! It's pretty easy to learn how to do them, too, and there are good instructions with the clients when you d/l them, so do read them. And there are help channels - newbie channels! After you have down loaded the program,it should've created an icon for you (you can create a 'shortcut' and put it into a special folder "games" or "dog stuff" or whatever): double click on that , and it will open the program. There are a few places to set up when you first open the client. Many (if not most) of the areas are done or will fill in themselves. But there are some places that it asks for information. It's pretty simple, but if you don't understand what it is: go to the help file, the help website, or write to me. Where it asks for your name.... put initials in: "mpj", or "MPJones", or your nick but not "Miss Mary P. Jones" there's no reason you need to give too much information away. Where your email addy goes you can your real addy in, or you can put something misleading in such as "nunuvyer". Think safety; I don't mean to scare, just caution.

As for a "nick"?? That's the nickname that you will use while online, the moniker people will know you by. it can be either your own name, or something else that you like. Many people use an actual nickname (I'm "Rustee" !!), others use their kennel name. You can get creative! Most people choose a nick, and stick with it so that people will know who they are each time they are online. However, with the ShadowWorld Net you may register your chosen nick - and once you have done so, no one else can use it. Once you are connected to a ShadowWorldNet server you can register your nick, and with a password that you would identify yourself with so that no one else can use your nick. The syntax is:

/msg nickserv register (password) (email address)

but without the ( ) ! (Dont forget your password!). You must use the nick at least once every 2 weeks to keep the registration active. You will be asked to identify yourself when you connect to the net, and to do this you would type: /msg NickServ identify (PASSWORD) . You can do this in your perform* section with mIRC: click on the general options button {3rd button on left}, click on the perform tab. Type -on its own line- /msg NickServ identify (password) - but without the ( )! , then check the little box on connect perform these commands. Then click on okay. When you next connect to the ShadowWorldNet, the identifying step will be done for you!

To find the Showdogs channel you must choose a "ShadowWorldNet" server. There should already be several servers in the "mIRC setup" box. Left click on any one of them, then click on "connect" (or double click on it for the same result). It can take a time or three to get connected to a server at peak times (e.g.: Friday and Saturday nights), so try a different server if you don't connect right away. Usually it only takes 5 - 10 seconds. ShadowWorld Net servers would be any address with "ShadowWorld Net" in it, such as:


To add them to your list of IRC servers, you would click on the 2nd icon (Set up info), and then in the tab marked "IRC Servers" by clicking on "add", and then entering the same address in both the "description"and "IRC Server" areas; click on 'okay', and then click on any of them to connect. Once you are connected to a server, you will see a "status" window, and that shows your status you can minimize that after you've checked it out, as you don't really use it often. A "mIRC channel folder" window will pop up, asking which channel you want to be in. Type in the channel name: #Showdogs (just like that, you need the prefix: #), then click on "join". OR, you can type this in the status window: /join #Showdogs and press "enter" it does the same thing. A (three part) window will appear, and it will be the Showdogs channel, yay! The left (and largest) section will show the dialog of the participants; the right section lists the 'nicks' of the people in the channel; and the small bottom part is where you type what YOU want to say. After you have typed what you want to say, tap "enter" and it sends your words to the entire room. And the conversation is real time... pretty neat!! (The blinking cursor needs to be in the bottom line/window of the #Showdogs channel window.) Give it a whirl, and write back with questions (if you have any!) I hope that I have covered everything to get started, but if you need help, please write to me, and I'll get back to you as fast as I can! And, as always, if anyone should have any questions please write to: Sandra/Rustee ; Mary/SalukiMary; Melinda ; We will answer you as soon as we're able to. Sandra * "Rustee"

And, as always, if anyone should have any questions please write to: 


We will answer you as soon as we're able.

Purpose and Guidelines of the IRC chat channel #Showdogs

1. The purpose of the Showdogs Chat channel is to allow All-Breed Dog Fanciers to meet on the IRC for an open forum, real-time discussion for topics about, or relating to, all dog breed conformation issues. Any subject that has anything to do with dog shows and conformation - either directly or indirectly - may be discussed here: show results, selling puppies, breeding, co-ownerships, training, dog equipment, friendly chat, etc. We will follow the guidelines of the Showdog List, which states that this is NOT a place for flame wars, comments about specific judges, or blatant commercials; nor is it the place for discussions of A/R, PETA, or culling. It is okay to ASK about specific judges (or these just-mentioned topics), but it must be discussed in a DCC or private message. It is encouraged for people to remember accountability and liability still exist in written words: the IRC *can* be logged.

2. Channel Operators are the guardians of the channel. All channels need protectors, and it is the job of the ChanOp to maintain the decorum necessary to ensure the channel be enjoyable for all.
     A. Ops will be recognized by the " @ " preceding their nick.
     B. Ops will have the ability to kick, ban, change the topic, op and de-op- as necessary or desired.
     C. Ops are responsible for the protection of the channel, as well as for setting a good example.
     D. Op status is a responsibility, not a power.
     E. All ops are assigned as such on a provisional basis.

3. The channel is registered with the Gamma Net Channel Service (ChanServ). Sandra L. Reiley-Lince "Rustee") is the Channel Manager, Mary Siegel is the Assistant Channel Manager. Channel Operators (ChanOp, or simply Op), will be registered with ChanServ as deemed necessary and/or desirable.
     A. "Rustee" Sandra -
     B. "SalukiMary" Mary -
Other ops include (but are not limited to):
     C. "CR-Knls" - Tony
     D. "Melinda" - Melinda 

Guidelines appropriate include but are not limited to:

A. The purpose of the channel is to allow friendly conversation and discussion about our Show Dogs, or related topics. Respect for each others' opinions is expected; as are taste and good sense regarding subject matter or method of discussion.
B. Offensive language or behaviors are not allowed, and will not be tolerated. To wit: if you would let your child read it, and you are comfortable showing it to your grandmother, then it is acceptable!
C. Overt sexual comments or trolling are unwelcome: there are channels for that purpose, and this is NOT one of them. Flirting is okay, but please keep it clean and tasteful!)
D. Please do not flood the channel with exceedingly large drawings (txt.files) or pop-ups; nor flood with intent to hack and/or take over the channel: that will not be tolerated.
E. Do not ask for Op status. (This is IRC Netiquette!) Persons are given ChanOp responsibilities after gaining IRC experience, and channel experience - and are known to the Channel Manager or Channel Administrators.
F. NO unauthorized bots and/or clones!! You will be kicked and banned immediately.
G. HAVE FUN! ! ! ! !

4. If you have a question, comment, complaint, or problem, please email Rustee at:

with the following in the subject line: "IRC #Showdogs" and include a copy of the log from the date and time in question. Those logs are extremely helpful!

The addendum:
5. Gud speling is not rekwired! Yes, I am joking, but we all do typos, and the IRC is the queen of all typo heavens!!! so, be kind when we all spel stranlgly!!