Final Entry
By Karen Harbert

Jennifer Brooks normally leads a quiet life.  A Mental Health Administrator during the week, a breeder and exhibitor of champion Cardigan Welsh Corgis on her own time, and member of the board of directors of her national club.  Her quiet life is turned upside-down when the club treasurer dies in an accident and the husband asks Jen to take charge of their dogs and his wife’s records.  She turns the treasury records over to another board member, but someone wants something else.  First the treasurer’s house is burgled, then Jen’s.  There’s an attempted break-in at her office, followed by a series of disturbing phone calls. 

Suddenly, the treasurer’s death is being investigated as murder.  The husband is a suspect, then suspicion falls on Jen herself.  The treasurer’s handbag is found and holds a clue but the police aren’t interested.   Jennifer’s search for answers leads her to a questionable medical clinic hundreds of miles away, but what’s the connection to the dead treasurer? 

In the midst of all this turmoil there’s romance in the air and a beautiful litter of puppies is born.  When Jen travels to see them she and the breeder discuss the murder and she remembers the piece of the puzzle still in her possession.

Will Monty, her devoted champion stud dog, hold off the bad guy long enough for Jennifer to solve it?


False Papers
By Karen Harbert

Life is supposed to be back to normal for Jennifer Brooks, Mental Health Administrator, breeder and exhibitor of Cardigan Welsh Corgis.  Her romance is blossoming as is the show career of her champion stud dog and devoted companion Monty.  Then a dog show judge is found murdered and the detective, once an adversary, now a friend, asks for her help figuring out a motive.

Before long another judge is found murdered, and suddenly it’s important to figure out just who is killing off dog show judges, and why.

Through all this a fanatical widow keeps turning up like a bad penny with her disturbed child who can’t be trusted around the dogs.

Meanwhile, there’s dirty work afoot as Jen’s old nemesis Mona has been elevated to the national board as well as granted a license to judge.  Mona tries to pull a fast one at a board meeting that almost erupts into a brawl.

Then another judge is murdered and Jen finds herself in danger.  How will Monty get her out of trouble this time?


Death March
By Karen Harbert

Mental Health Administrator and Cardigan Welsh Corgi breeder Jennifer Brooks has been saddled with a litter of puppies whose ownership is in question and the sire unknown.  She turns for help to elderly friend Maud whose teenage great-niece wants to become a successful show dog handler.

Jen and boyfriend Kent are going from southern California all the way to Oregon for a dog show circuit that people are calling “The Oregon Death March.”  Jen hopes to win Best In Show with her champion stud dog Monty.  Maud and great-niece Sabrina are going on the same circuit.  The name supposedly refers to the awful weather on the circuit, but things start happening….

Maud seems to be getting more and more confused.  In the midst of the circuit Kent has to fly back to Chicago on business, leaving Jen with all the dogs and a rented motor home that breaks down at a dilapidated country store straight out of a Hitchcock movie.  Maud disappears. 

Jen, friend Sharon and Sabrina turn to new-found friend Inspector Alexander MacLeod of the RCMP who happens to also be on the show circuit with a very funny-looking dog.  When Kent returns to the circuit they all put their heads together to figure out the strange happenings on The Oregon Death March.  Sabrina and the Junior Handlers think they’ve figured it out, which puts them in danger.  Then Jen herself is in danger and once again it’s Monty to the rescue.


Brat Pack
By Karen Harbert

Someone is stalking Junior Handlers.  Can Jennifer and Sabrina solve the mystery in time to protect the kids?  Can Monty save the day when they get too close to a killer?


Oh Canada!
By Karen Harbert

Why is someone stalking Jennifer in Canada?  Monty has his work cut out for him to save the day this time

By Karen Harbert


A valuable dog has become sterile but Jennifer's best friend has stored frozen semen so Jennifer takes their outstanding female back east for the procedure. However, an unscrupulous large-scale breeder will stop at nothing to get his hands on the frozen semen or the female that's been bred, or the puppies that result.



Calculated Risk
By Karen Harbert

A demented elderly lady drives her car through the front of a beauty shop killing a customer.  Jennifer's friend Detective Dan is sent to investigate since it's technically a homicide.  Meanwhile, the club president and insurance agent is playing hard to get with an insurance claim pending.  When Jen figures out the connection between these events things start to get deadly.



Flash Flood
By Karen Harbert

When Jennifer's world crumbles, her friends conspire to restore happiness to her life with surprising results. One of which inadvertently brings her to the notice of a brutal killer. Her superdog, Cardigan Welsh Corgi Monty, saves the day once again but he needs all the help he can get. What's the connection between a murder victim in Canada and a missing person in southern California? Jennifer starts digging and someone sets out to stop her.


A Walk On The Wild Side
By Karen Harbert

A serial killer is following the dog show circuit. Young women are found murdered and when one victim turns out to be a friend of Sabrina’s she makes Detective Dan promise to solve the case. It’s Sabrina who figures out the connection between the victims and how to catch the killer. Sabrina directs Dan in setting up a sting with the help of Jerry, Jennifer and Alex. Luckily Monty knows how to get his favorite people out of dangerous situations and the poodle Bennie is a quick study. Naturally, what can go wrong does



Fifteen Shades of Merle
By Karen Harbert

While trying to trap a serial killer in February, Jennifer gets a call from the husband of a deceased co-owner wanting to ‘get his investment back’ on the dog. She tells him to get the registration changed so he can legally sign it back to her. 
Nothing more is heard, it slips her mind until the National Specialty when Barb points out that dog in the catalog, under different ownership. Alex tricks the new owner into selling him the dog. Meanwhile, that new owner is under threat of expulsion from the club for unethical breeding practices. 
The woman turns up at the summer Canadian show circuit and tries to sabotage their chances of winning. Their canoe trip on Georgian Bay almost turns deadly when she tries to run them down with a speedboat. 
Back home again, Jennifer files suit against the husband who sold the dog, resulting in a firefight when she tries to collect. 
Alex proposes. The wedding is in Alberta in November, followed by a dog show that once again turns deadly when that woman turns up and tries to leave Jennifer to freeze in a blizzard. 


Just Desert
By Karen Harbert

A spur of the moment camping trip and chance encounter with an elderly couple start a bizarre set of circumstances in motion. Monty leads Jennifer and Alex to a concealed desert encampment at the end of an abandoned runway. The actions of a deputy sheriff and the campground owner raise their suspicions. 
Meanwhile, Jennifer and her boss are trying to figure out how to trap the employee who is ripping off large quantities of office supplies. While they work to plan a sting, the elderly friends are nearly killed and solving the desert mystery becomes a priority. 
Sabrina and Jerry devise a sting for the desert operation, and of course things go wrong. 

Under the Tucson Sun
By Karen Harbert

Jennifer MacLeod has accepted a challenging job transfer, while Alex has accepted an invitation to teach a forensics class in an Arizona county sheriff’s academy. The timing is perfect since the National Specialty will be held in Tucson.

It’s also a club election year, and a couple of unscrupulous people tainted by a long-ago scandal in another club are running for office and mounting a smear campaign against current Board members. When they try to manipulate the election, Jennifer (with the help of Sabrina) starts digging into their past, and they strike back

By Karen Harbert

Vandals are attacking show dogs, exhibitors and equipment with cans of spray paint and paintball guns, and setting dogs loose at shows. Is it Animal Rights activists or a more sinister plot? When Sabrina decides to get involved the vandalism takes a deadly turn