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Showdogs-L is an email community currently numbering approximately 2100 subscribers from all over the world. The list has a "no flame" policy that is enforced by four "List Administrator Goddesses" (known more casually as LAGs.)  What is it all about? Read on:"SHOWDOGS-L is a discussion forum for all breed conformation issues. Absolutely anything that has anything to do with conformation, either directly or indirectly, may be discussed here, such as structure, standards, temperament, health issues, brags, contracts (selling puppies, breeding, co-ownerships, for example), friendly chat, etc. This, however, is NOT a place for flame wars, comments about specific judges, or blatant commercials. It is okay to ASK about specific judges but comments should be sent in private email. Litter announcements are welcome, but attempts to use the list to sell the puppies are not. Also, the presence of any breeder on this list is not to be construed as a recommendation by the list owners or administrators."When you join SDL, you will get a Welcome message which contains a lot of good information that you will need in the future. Please save both the LAGs and yourself a lot of future hassle by saving this document.We feel that SDL offers a lot of camaraderie, tons of good advice and information about anything you can imagine having to do with showdogs, all of which is well mixed with a great deal of humor. This list is not for people who want to stay strictly on topic and be serious all of the time. Be sure you check out some of our sample postings wherein the list members themselves tell you what you may expect. If you feel like this might be the list for you, please join us! The LAGs
      Terri Cude
      Karen Harbert
      Vonnie Matheny
      Libbye Miller

Mary Siegel
With a heavy heart we bid farewell to the driving force of Showdogs-L.
Mary, we love and miss you.

News Flash: update

Showdogs-L is proud to announce the  publication of a series of dog show mysteries written by one of our very own LAGs. Author Karen Harbert has turned the dirty tricks and misadventures we've all seen around show rings into:
# 1; 'Final Entry'
# 2; 'False Papers' 

# 3; 'Death March'
#4; 'Brat Pack'
#5;'Oh Canada!' 
#7;'Calculated Risk'

#8 'Flash Flood'
A Walk on the Wild Side'
#10;'Fifteen Shades of Merle'
#11;'Just Desert'
2;'Under the Tucson Sun'
#13; 'Dog-Tagged'

All books available for electronic delivery through Amazon.com (Kindle) and CD for home computers .)

Click here to read synopsis

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