The ShowDogs-L Whelphelpers List provides opportunities to pair experienced breeders with less-experienced people. These people are willing to advise novices in the basics of normal whelping and delivery and tell them when professional help is indicated.  Make their experience available in raising a healthy litter, including supplemental feeding, care of bitch and litter in the weaning process. Note that "breeds whelped" does *not* equate to breeds owned and that many of the breeders below assisted in whelping litters owned by others.

Anyone who participates on this list agrees *not* to accept payment for their assistance. Absolutely NO money is to be charged for this!

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Type of Assistance Offered Distance willing to travel Comments
Jill Baum Phoenix area, AZ Whippets, Boxers, Dalmatians Attend, phone, email 1 hour's drive
15 years experience - average 1-2 litters per year. Only one c-section, though, so not a lot of experience with problem whelpers.
Allene "Ali" Black Northern CO OES, Shih Tzu, Labs, Goldens, Borzoi Attend, phone, email Northern CO, Southern WY area
Whelped 10 litters of my own & more than I can count for others.
Mary Cane Massachusetts at the NY and CT borders Havanese/Bernese Mountain Dog attend/telephone/
100 plus miles.. about 2 hours 
have whelped 14 Havanese litters in the past 15 years/2 Bernese Mountain Dog litters -25 years ago : )  I have worked with my veterinarian husband for 31 years, I have assisted with caesareans, done CPR on puppies, raised preemie puppies, raised just this year an orphan litter of six havanese when my sweet girl died during a cesarean.The miracle of birth and the beauty of a dam and whelps is most life affirming and awe inspiring,
Ginger Cleary
Golden Retrievers, Collies, Shelties, Miniature Schnauzers, Min Pins., GSDS
And one mutt.
Attend, phone, email 100 miles or so
25 Years experience, probably a dozen litters.
Valerie Fare Dallas, TX Weimaraners Attend, phone, email no information
30 years in Weimaraners, 22 litters
Nancy Gray 20 miles South of Detroit in Canada Samoyeds Attend, phone, email Hour or hour and a half
Been in Sams since 1976. Also did a lot of tube feedings and showed people how to do it.
Patty Griffin
phone, email
50 miles
I bred Poms for about 10 years. They can be very difficult. Even once born you aren't out of the woods. I will be more than happy to assist in any way needed.
Karen Harbert AZ Cardigans Attend, phone, email Two hours
About 30 years with 1 - 2 litters per year. I can often get a stuck puppy delivered if humanly possible, small hands, long fingers and a lot of practice.
Melinda Henderson WA Papillons Attend, email, or phone Within an hour or so of Olympia, WA
12 years' experience, for Toy breeds or dogs under 20#
Stephanie Hunt-Crowley MD Afghans, Cockers, Lhasas Attend, phone no information no information
Linda Lashley Alabama Samoyeds, Pomeranians, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
phone or in person if possible considering distance  50-100 miles depending
I believe in the use of calcium for assistance in contractions and have whelped a total of 32 litters in 32 years in dogs.
Betty Lewis
Amherst, NH
(south/central near Nashua)
Great Danes & Whippets
1 hour from home
In Great Danes since 1969 & Whippets since 1997.
 Registered Veterinary Technician.
Leslie Mamer
Collies, Dachshunds, GSD
200 miles
Thirty years of breeding, whelping, 
exhibiting experience and veterinary background
Myra Morrison Northern CO Pugs,
Poodles & Silky Terriers
Attend, email, phone Varied - can fly given enough notice & precise whelping date
19 litters over 18 years
Toronto Ontario Canada Chows, Dobes, Rottweilers, Briards, Wire Fox Terriers Numerous breeds for friends Email, phone or attend, 1 hour to 1 1/2 if assistance is required.
Years in Dogs 40 + Breeding dogs since a teenager and Jr. Handler
Peggy Newman Northern UT Pembrokes Email, phone, possibly Attend (Not given.)
I've owned corgis for 23 years, and in that time we've bred 20 litters. I've witnessed/assisted in several c-sections also.
Reed & Becky Pomeroy WI Bassets Attend, email, phone 50-60 mi. (variable,
but Western WI, SE MN, NE IA)
Over 20 years' experience and whelped around 20 litters. Experienced with puppy CPR.
Kathy Reid Campbellford, Ontario, Canada Bloodhounds, Clumbers, Beagles, GSDs, Siberian Huskies, English Foxhounds, Shelties, Collies, Boxers, plus others Attend, phone, email One hour
(+ -)
I have about 15 years of experience and have probably delivered in excess of 50 litters ("mid-wifing" for others as well as my own litters). I am also a vet tech. I am also a "calming influence" on the bitch owner, as I don't panic. If I do, you know we're in trouble!
Nancy Rudgers Burnt Hills, NY Labradors, Havanese email 20 miles or so
Attended a bunch of home deliveries, emergency c-sections, planned c-sec. of my dogs and others, good at reviving puppies, working with vet, calming owner.  former vet tech. can do pelvic exams during labor to see what's presenting and help deliver larger pups, puppy mouth to mouth, acupuncture stimulation to start breathing, helping a nervous/confused dam over the first days, lactation expertise, can do sub q fluids, injections, etc.
Ellen Scheuing Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Basenjis, German Shepherds, Italian Greyhounds, Miniature and Toy Poodles, Whippets Attend,phone,email 50-75 miles
Have been breeding/showing since 1966
Lynn South IL Belgian Sheepdogs, Bouvier Attend & phone 50-100 miles (not available M-F daytime - working)
7 litters whelped, 10 yrs breeding

For Showdogs-L Members only, if you want to be listed to assist,
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Please Note: We wish to make it *very* clear to all parties that neither SDL nor anyone who volunteers to assist with a whelping is a substitute for veterinary advice!!

Anyone who participates on this list agrees *not* to accept payment for their assistance. Absolutely NO money is to be charged for this! That would put us in the area of practicing veterinary medicine without a license!!!

This listing is intended to provide a sounding board by phone or email, or an extra pair of hands during a whelping, quick breaks to the bitch owner who may need to leave the bitch in labor for short periods (such as to take a shower or feed the other dogs in the house), and general back-up.

The owner of the bitch should make initial contact with anyone on the list well prior to the expected due date to work out arrangements such as whether it's okay to phone at midnight, give driving directions if the *whelphelper* will be attending the whelping, etc.

We strongly *encourage* people to at least speak on the phone together before handing out driving directions to your home. This is a reminder that these pages are available on the web (not just to SDL members) so please use your best judgment and go with your gut instinct when dealing with anyone who contacts you, it may be better to pass on any offers of assistance that don't feel quite right.